Silver Twin Maples Coin Available Exclusively from Birch Gold Group

2 oz Canadian Silver Twin Maples is the Evolution of the Silver Maple Leaf

Canadian Silver Twin Maple

It’s safe to assume that not even the Canadian Royal Mint could predict the popularity of its 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf coin when it was first minted three decades ago. While its initial year of distribution saw just over a million units made, in recent years, the Royal Mint has been creating between 20 and 30 million units each year, proving that people worldwide continue to have an insatiable appetite for sound investments.

Given the tremendous demand for the remarkable bullion coin, the Mint decided to create a follow-up that is equally as impressive. The 2 oz Silver Twin Maples coin, distributed exclusively by Birch Gold Group, is the latest invention to come out of Canada’s mint, and it could prove to be every bit as popular as its predecessor.

With the ever-increasing industrial demand for silver and the ongoing difficulties of finding an asset that can help to safeguard your hard-earned money, many people will find it appealing to add some of these Canadian Silver Twin Maples to their savings.

Containing two ounces of silver, the Silver Twin Maples coin establishes itself as a worthy successor to the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf (also sold by Birch Gold Group) without compromising what made it a premier investment around the globe. The iconic portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt is still on the obverse, making the coin easy to identify with just a quick glance. The reverse has seen a stylistic addition, with Celia Godkin designing a maple leaf that honors Canada’s native maple and ingrains the country’s identity into every coin.

The fine surface has also seen the addition of two security measures in the form of precise radial lines and a micro engravement of a maple leaf. Together with the unique weight of 2 ounces, these measures will guarantee easy verification of every Silver Twin Maples coin. Finally, when you add the fact that the coin is eligible for placement in Precious Metals IRAs, it’s clear that the Silver Twin Maples coin will establish itself as an excellent option to add to savings of any size.

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UPDATE – 5/3/2019

On, Evan A. wrote this review about his purchase of the Silver Twin Maples:

“I like finding new coins so was excited to come across the Silver Twin Maples at Birch Gold. The Canadian Mint makes fantastic coiins and I was thrilled to see that these are no exception. Love these guys, and was pleased with Birch overall.”