Ben Shapiro Gold Investment Company of Choice is Birch Gold Group

Offers endorsement of the precious metals company

Ben Shapiro gold

Ben Shapiro is known for going against the grain when necessary, even if mainstream opinion swings strongly in the other direction. The New York Times bestselling author has stuck to his roots of bringing the truth to the American people, whether it’s on the topic of politics, education or finances.

In an age where equity markets are getting the spotlight, Shapiro’s endorsement of Birch Gold Group as his precious metals company of choice is a telling sign of his financial beliefs as well as an indicator of what could make for a truly prudent investment in today’s economic climate. The host of the Ben Shapiro Show knows that stocks come and go, yet physical precious metals stay; an investment in gold and silver is a move for the past, present and future.

Today, maybe more so than ever, the argument for safeguarding your savings with precious metals is a sound one. A brief glance at most corners of the world will reveal an ever-increasing amount of turmoil and uncertainty, which act as a natural call towards the safety of gold. Yet one hardly needs to look past American soil to see why nearly everyone should consider placing some physical precious metals in their portfolio; the constant loss of the dollar’s purchasing power alone is enough reason to compel most people to own gold, regardless of their age or size of their savings.

Working together since 2016 to educate Americans on the true value of gold and silver, Birch Gold and Ben Shapiro have helped to communicate to people the importance of moving away from risky and volatile investments into those that can help to safeguard and diversify your wealth.

For the millions of Americans who have a large part of their savings stowed away in an IRA or 401(k), Shapiro offers clear, down-to-Earth explanations for why they should consider making the safe transition to an IRA backed by physical gold and silver, without any tax penalties.

If you’d like to learn more about gold, an asset that will always hold value, you’d be well served to listen to the Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief’s podcasts, and also read Birch Gold Group’s frequent articles on its website. No matter where the economy goes and how the politics of the nation change, gold and silver are assets that you may never regret purchasing.