Where Will You Retire? Can You Afford It

Even if you don’t plan on retiring to a lavish resort community, you still might not be able to afford to live comfortably (or even frugally) during your golden years. Here’s what you’ll have to consider if you want retirement security.

For too many Americans, the prospect of retirement is a bleak one. If you’re already living paycheck-to-paycheck, how can you expect to survive when your paychecks diminish or even cease entirely?

It isn’t a fun prospect, but extensive planning is essential to a successful retirement (“successful” being the ability to at least sustain your current quality of life, whatever that may be). You have to plan for everything life might throw at you. Here’s where you’ll need to begin.

The state in which you currently live might not be the best place to retire.

As much as you might want to stay in your current city, the cold reality might be that you won’t be able to afford it after you retire. How does it currently rank in terms of health care and overall affordability? If you’re currently struggling to live in an expensive city, you might want to investigate other, more affordable options now, so that you can effectively put a cap on unnecessary expenditures early.

Don’t rely entirely on Social Security or pension plans.

Even generous pensions and Social Security benefits can become uncomfortably tight when we reach our golden years. Health care demands will increase, and if you have specific plans—like expanding your property, taking vacations, starting a business, or going back to school—you’ll probably need at least double your current income.

Consider tangible assets.

Hard assets—like precious metals, commercial property, and real estate—provide long-term security that many paper assets cannot. Investigate how a precious metals IRA or physical gold might contribute to your future financial stability.

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